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Welcome to my Cardigan Welsh Corgi blog. I'm excited to be able to share our family of cardigan welsh corgis with other fanciers of the breed.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Back from California

I am back from the California shows.  Cardigans didn't show until 4:00pm on Monday and so I only drove two hours on Monday night and then the rest of the way on Tuesday.  The corgis were troupers and we made it home for the results show of "Dancing With The Stars", LOL.

I judged Sweepstakes at the Golden Ret Specialty and had a very good time.  The puppies were lovely and I wish there could have been even more ribbons to hand out :-)

I wish that I could report great success for the girls (Trix and Cloud) but as it turned out they were merely supporting cast for the other short legged girls who won. 

Trix was 2nd in Open both days but failed to go RWB.  The bitch that she beat on the first day (the 3rd place girl) beat her the second day, so is life.

Cloud is barely lead trained but she managed to make it around the ring and look "cute".  Cloud has one brown eye and one blue eye and the judge on the first day jokingly said that she was giving him the evil eye, LOL.

We get some time off now until the shows in Roseburg the 17th....stay tuned.

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